Costa Rica Adventure, Day Five–Hidden Treasures in the Rainforest

After we left the little village of Colonia Liberatad, we headed down another unpaved road to a tiny little building in a large garden for coffee and dessert.  Costa Rica is heaven for flower and plant lovers, a true botanists’ paradise.


A pebbled path led from the road to the “restaurant”.  No one rushed; we were too enthralled with the flowers, the humidity, the total intenseness of the surroundings and atmosphere.


Although I have been to Costa Rica twice now, ten days each time, and love flowers, still I can only recall the names of a few.


Hundreds, sometimes, thousands, of species reside within only a few square yards.




Everyone stopped along the way to look.  Some of the children wanted to hunt for reptiles. They were warned because the deadly fear-de-lance lives here.  A few assured everyone they knew exactly what they look like.  Knowing them, it was probably true.


A wood building is a rare sight anywhere I have been there–too much rain.  All roofs are either metal or tile for the same reason.  Other types of roofing rot.  Some have totally given up trying to add color because it disappears quickly apparently.  This area of Costa Rica on the Caribbean side of the mountains receives rain daily.  It rained off and on all day.

I have no idea the name of the dessert they served us with coffee.  It resembled Indian Fry Bread (from New Mexico and Arizona–I love the stuff), super crispy, soaked in honey.


The road just outside this hidden gem.

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