Overweight and Poorer

Today I planned to post a lovely poem.  However, I was so engrossed by an article on the Internet that I decided to discuss that topic instead.  Why are so many people in this country overweight?  Why do people complain about being poorer?

The article in question, which I could not download and post here, claims that the biggest item on which people in the United States overspend is eating out at restaurants.  It is also a major cause of obesity.  On average when a person eats in a restaurant they eat 200 calories more than if he or she ate at home.  If that person eats out three times a week, that adds up to more than 30,000 extra calories a year.  Even if he or she eats fast food, which probably adds even more calories, the extra expenditure at even a low 8.00 per meal, would  add to nearly 1300 dollars per year.  If it is a family, multiply that by the  number of people in the family.  For 8 dollars, they could go to the grocery here in Texas and buy a delicious already roasted chicken that would feed at least four.

Personally, I find few restaurants that can actually create a meal better than one I can cook myself.  Others say who wants to cook for oneself.  I live alone and I cook for myself all but a couple of times a month.  Being a bit of a health nut and not much of a meat eater (I eat quite a lot of fish, usually cod or salmon), that 8 dollars would turn into much bigger amounts.  Plus I do not want to waste the time eating out.  I can create a much healthier meal, cheaper, quicker at home.  Restaurant food tends to be much saltier with fewer herbs and spices than I prefer as well.

I am curious to find out why others eat out all the time.  It mystifies me.


PS.  Curious as to what sorts of foods I create, what spices I use?  I have posted lots of recipes here on my blog.  Take a look.






7 thoughts on “Overweight and Poorer

  1. I know many of my friends eat out because they simply don’t know how to cook. For me, when I first moved out, figuring out what to eat for 3 meals a day was very overwhelming. So out of convenience and not-knowing what else to do, I ate out. A LOT. Luckily, I learned the more you cook the easier and even more enjoyable it becomes.

  2. I enjoy cooking, and can make some pretty yummy dishes. But, I live alone, work a lot and don’t have much time to grocery shop and/or cook full meals. I have a few well-honed quick meals that I eat on a regular basis…but prefer to eat out or take out if I want a nicer meal during the week. With a note that I’m pretty choosy about where I eat if I do go out and always look for healthy, well-prepared foods.

  3. Almost every person in the Western World has access to internet which means reviewing the menu of where you will eat as well as seeing customer reviews. There is really no excuse to pick something unhealthy when you are obese in this age of technology. Subway isn’t the best quality but you can get a veggie sub with a vinnegarette and walk away guilt free.

  4. Unfortunately some people never learned how to cook a whole lot. But the beauty of cooking is that you can start anywhere and it is easy to practice because, well, you need to eat every day! Interesting calculations – I hope they inspire some people to cook at home.

  5. Besides this being incredibly pretentious, I find it somewhat flattering that you can cook a meal that is better than the restaurants. I go out to eat quite often and I love it. I am not obese and I am not poor. It mystifies me how condescending you are towards others.

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