Last night I planned to reblog this, my very first blog post from over three years ago.  However, a big lightning and hail storm arrived; I turned off my computer.  I did not want a lightning strike to ruin it.  Lightning struck my house twice in the six and one-half years I have lived here; once it destroyed my TV.

Abraham Lincoln said we choose–or do not choose–happiness.  When I was twenty something, I chose happiness, not the sappy, syrupy, cheery, but the deeper joy of cherishing the small, the unique, the everyday, smiling with sunsets, the song of the mockingbird in the spring, my horses running free, the nearly invisible bobcat climbing the canyon wall, the taste of fine coffee at the first wakeful moments in the morning, cooking for friends, taking a “property walk” with my grandson, laughing with the teenagers I teach.  I am driven to do very little; obsessions, compulsions do not run me.  I choose.  Choose life, choose joy or choose whining, choose lamenting.  But choose!!  Be who you want to be; do what you want to do.  Be YOU!!

Photograph is copyright of Anabel McMillen.

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