You, yes, you can make a difference

Many tell me or believe that one person, him or herself, cannot do much to change the world, to make a difference.  This short movie tells about a man in northeastern India who transformed a wasteland into a forest by planting one tree at a time over many years.  Now elephants, deer, and even tigers live there.  Take a look for yourself.  Look for the youtube video called “Forest Man”.  The web address is :

It won awards at several different film festivals including Cannes.




One thought on “You, yes, you can make a difference

  1. This film is beautiful and most inspiring. Thank you for posting this, at this time when we all need encouragement to do what we can. I recently watched the Netflix film “Defret.” This was filmed by Angelina Jolie and showed also what can be accomplished by one person’s willingness to bring about change.

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