Haiku Adventure

Since I felt out of sync with writing and accomplishing little in that vein, I decided I needed a challenge.  In spite of two published books,  one instructive, non-fiction and the other a book of poems, I never attempted writing haiku.  Even though I probably, due to teaching schedule among other activities like singing and horses, cannot write one haiku a day, I committed to writing seven a week.  The first thing I noticed is the difficulty.  Haiku poems may be short; however, getting them even close to “right” remains quite difficult, a real challenge.  Here are the first three written this week:


milkweed rising to the sun

wait for monarchs

who never ever come




cirrocumulus clouds fly

across an azure sky

snowflakes and cottonballs




OPI Bogota Blackberry

on my freshly scrubbed feet

walks along in wonder

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