Selling Online–Getting Started

My plan to actually get to bed early and hopefully manage eight hours of sleep flew away rather quickly.  I’ve had a PayPal account for years but today no matter what I tried, including sending that little lost password message, it failed to work. Finally, about an hour ago, I gave up the repeated tries and called them.  Their customer service is excellent if you are willing to wait during what I am guessing is their busiest time, evening.  I waited and woohoo, I think I finished everything except setting up the button to link this blog/website to PayPal itself.  It took far more time than I expected, but it is complete.  By this time tomorrow, if you want to buy my newest book, On the Rim of Wonder, using this blog/website, you can do so.  You can also order it from Amazon, but when you order directly from me, you will receive a signed copy with a personal message.

Last week Hastings on Georgia Street in Amarillo, Texas, set a date for my book signing.  It will occur at 3 in the afternoon of Saturday, June 21.  What a hectic time of year:  high school graduation, graduation parties, weddings, summer vacations starting for some, and on and on it goes.  My friend who is hosting an exchange student from Italy will bring her parents and grandparents and brother (all flew in from Italy today) over for dinner and riding Rosie on Saturday.  Hoping this 2′ by 1′ gaping hole in the ceiling above me will be filled in my then, but somehow I doubt it.  They found the leak cause today after tearing off part of the facia on the roof.  Tomorrow maybe they will finish fixing that and put on the new facia.  At least they have fixed it so if a thunderstorm comes, water won’t be dripping rapidly from the ceiling.

If I plan to feel perky at 5:30 in the morning, this post must end.  Happy Dreams!!

2 thoughts on “Selling Online–Getting Started

  1. Don’t ya hate it when you can’t find those PayPal-type passwords, and your email address has changed? I have the same problem with eBay too! I can’t wait to get a copy of your book, and I hope the book signing is fun!

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