My tractor and me

Yes, I own a tractor.  Last summer I decided I was tired of hiring my neighbor to mow when I needed to get rid of tall grass or cut down some yucca or plow snow or grade my drive which washes terribly in a big rain.  I bought a Kubota, not a big one and not a tiny one, a middle sized one.  I had driven it only once this spring, but after this five inch rain my driveway is less than optimal.

My grandson came home with me tonight because my daughter is working a night shift at the hospital; she is a NICU nurse.  I fixed us dinner–that wonderful organic pasta from Italy, some fish with vegetables for me and cheese topping for him because he is vegetarian.  After I finished the dishes, tractor time arrived.  I backed it out of the barn and started working on the lower part of the drive, the really steep part that goes to the paved area next to the garage.  My tractor saves me considerable work after a big rain.  I used to shovel for hours getting the dirt and gravel off the paved part and hauling it up the steep drive in a wheel barrow to dump elsewhere.  Then I would sweep it.  Tonight with the tractor, it was completed within 1 1/2 hours.  I even had time to sweep the dust out of the area of the barn where the tractor was parked.  If the weather holds sunny like today, tomorrow I will work on the long part that goes nearly to the main road.

As I write this, my grandson writes his third blog post.  He already has followers; he is ten.  His blog title is The Blogging Boy.  I have no idea how long he will continue to blog but he is a quite persistent fellow for a ten year old so maybe he will continue.

If I had considered it earlier, my grandson could have taken a photo of me and my tractor.  For now you will just have to use your imagination.

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