I usually do not reblog other blogs, but as a lover of coffee and what Ema calls trivia, I just have to reblog this. In Costa Rica, I kept getting asked where did coffee originate and I said, “Ethiopia”. This confirms that I was correct. In fact, this inspired me to make coffee in the middle of the afternoon on a hot Texas day.


For all of my friends who will see this title and say, “Oh no, more coffee… Havent you written enough posts on coffee already?”, I have to respond and say – “You can never write enough about coffee. It’s like chocolate or mangoes”.. Do you ever feel that you have written / eaten / appreciated enough of chocolates or mangoes or anything else as sinful for that matter? 

My friend Sridhar, another coffee lover (but much much worse than me in fact) sent this really nice email forward on the said subject and I just couldn’t help myself and had to post it… It’s by theoatmeal.com and you can check their site for more such posts.

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