Writer’s Block

A wall of black, oozy, Missouri River mud looms in front of me,

sticky, impossible to even walk through.

When I push, it gives only a little.

Then it creeps into my nostrils, suffocating.

I back off, walk this way and that way, trying to find an entrance.


I push again; the mud engulfs.

So I back off, play it safe, read a book, play the piano,

go boutique shopping, sing, hike, brush the horses.

I walk back; the mud wall looms still.

I write up to the mud wall.

It starts to ooze onto the paper, into my brain.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I LOVE it. So fantastic. I get a cold, slimy feeling from the mud, which is a lot like writer’s block right? Ha ha ha…You’ve told a wonderful adventure of the mind. My absolute favorite is the very last line. 🙂

    Our conversations have reminded me that I wrote a (very) short story about this very subject called “The Boulevard”. I’ll forward you the link…

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

    • Please do. I am always interested in struggles to be better, etc. One of the reasons that I started my blog was to make myself write. I take a class to make me write and they tell me I am good and I enter a contest and am a finalist and I quit writing. I promised myself I would post at least once a week, preferable twice. And that it is ok if one is about food because I fix unusual meals and people always want to know how and why and what. Your blog is so sophisticated; I love it. Why did you start your blog initially?

      • I posted this in reply on my page as well….here’s the link;


        Thanks for your comments on my blog. My blog was originally my website that I had built myself through another site but it is so much easier to update more frequently when it is a blog. I miss not having my artwork or photography all in one place (don’t think I’ll be putting those up on WordPress) but overall it is easier. I actually started “blogging” on Myspace a long time ago just as a way to practice writing.

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