Student Poems–continued

This is the last of the pet poems written by the sophomores.


My name is Simon

my family loves me

i was so homeless until they found me

they love me they care they make sure i’m fed

they even let me sleep in their bed.

i love Chick-fa-la its plain to see

so wherever you see it; you will see me.

i’m so grateful for the family i see

i love Chloe and she loves me

forever best friends we will be.

Author:  Chloe Aduddell



When the freshmen heard I was publishing sophomore poems, they wanted to write poems even if not assigned.  Here is one of theirs.


I dig

you dig

he dig

she dig

we dig

they dig


This poem is not very good,

but it is deep.

Author:  Cason Christian




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