Cleaning and Cleansing: Rituals of Embodied Life by Carol P. Christ

I was going to write my own blog post today but like this one so much I decided to reblog it. Why? Unlike all those memes that say smart people are messy, etc., I disagree. Maybe some are. For myself, I like aesthetic order. How else can I see the paintings, the books, the family heirlooms, the colors in my house? I also prefer mental order geared toward creative accomplishments. I love nature which has order, e.g. a snowflake. There is a kind of mindfulness in appreciating the task at hand, the order of completion, the moment.

While the world is falling apart all around me, I have been slowly engaged in a major cleaning and cleansing of my home.

It started when I began to move my summer clothes to my main closet in June.  Here in Greece we have no tradition of second-hand stores, Goodwill, or Salvation Army. This makes it difficult to get rid of anything: often the garbage can is the only option. Still, I began with my clothes, tossing out even some much loved and still beautiful things that no longer fit. My Greek-Albanian cleaning lady took all of them, and I didn’t ask her what she did with them.

Then I moved on to the kitchen.

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