Haiku–Publications and Submissions

Because a substantial number of my readers seem to like haiku, I thought I would provide this information.  Two journals exist to which writers can submit haiku.  The first is “Haiku Journal” at http://www.haikujournal.org.  If you are not an expert, but want to try your hand at getting your attempts at haiku published, you probably will have a better chance here.  Their main criteria is the 7-5-7 syllable count and not the other aspects of haiku.  Some claim this really is not haiku and that the syllable count may work in Japanese but not in English.  See the comments by Michael Dylan Welch.  He claims it is the content, not the syllable count that matters.

The other is the journal, “Modern Haiku”, at http://www.modernhaiku.org.  Their criteria for publication are much more stringent than in “Haiku Journal”.  If you are interested in publishing in either, I suggest taking a look at work already published to get an idea regarding what they like.  Supposedly, “Haiku Journal” publishes the first fifty submissions as long as they meet their criteria which basically appears to be the correct syllable count.

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