Friday Haiku

Since taking blogging 101 through WordPress, I have decided to follow one of their recommendations and post at least one regular post regardless of what other types of content I may post other days of the week.  Therefore, every Friday, I will post at least one haiku.  Spring has sprung here.  Birds are singing and playing in the rain–it has rained off and on the last several days, a rather unusual event for the Panhandle of Texas–semi arid country for sure.

Here is my first Friday Haiku post in celebration of spring:

Cardinal bobbing in a cobalt bath

cedars trembling

portrait in red, green, and blue.

4 thoughts on “Friday Haiku

    • Interested in your comment about haiku. I recently took a course on writing haiku. Initially, I tried to follow the “rules”. I was told that modern haiku does not follow those rules especially if not in Japanese because, in part, English, for example, has a totally different syllable structure than Japanese and it is very difficult to write haiku in English that follow those rules. Wonder what you may know about this? What I was told was that I needed to write the first and third lines as long lines and the middle as short.

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