Opposite Emotions

Usually, I do not see saw emotionally.  At the moment, I am extremely annoyed.  Picked up the mail late this evening at the box out by the road.  Opened the letter from my insurance company and nearly fainted (except I am not the fainting type).  Not only did they up my house, barn, etc. insurance by 900 more than last year, but they also had the audacity to up the deductible by almost the same amount.  Perhaps hoping it might make the recipient feel happier, they included a three page long explanation letter, e.g. to protect you, we think you need better insurance, blah, blah, blah….Really???  No one asked me if I thought I needed more insurance.  Tomorrow, I will now have to spend time comparison shopping when I planned several things considerably more fun.  Even vacuuming is more fun.

On the happy side, I managed to learn a lot of operational things for the iPAD I purchased to take on the upcoming adventure to Ethiopia via Dubai.  I even learned to use the camera and was graced by a spectacular sunset to inspire me.







One thought on “Opposite Emotions

  1. Insurance companies!

    I did the same – got myself a new handheld for our forthcoming trip to New Zealand – should be an old hand with it by the time we get there 🙂

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