After posting daily for nearly six weeks, I goofed yesterday and did not.  My excuse–went to a local winery, BarZ, with a friend and stayed longer than I thought we would, came home, and collapsed about 11:45.  Now I feel guilty, really guilty.  To make matters worse, this post will be very, very brief.  Why?  This evening six people from Italy are coming over for dinner.  My friends are hosting an exchange student from there and her parents, grandparents, and brother arrived Wednesday for her graduation.  All of them, plus her host parents and their daughter and a friend arrive at 6.  In the meantime, I must clean my house, go to the grocery store so I can cook to feed them, cook, and get Rosie ready so they can ride her–her mane is a tangled mess.

The menu:  the brisket recipe I posted July 8, 2012, roasted vegetables, salad, bread with garlic, ice cream with Chambord on top.  Since Lisa, the exchange student, loves this hot cheese (mangoes and habanero peppers in it) I get from Market Street, I bought all I could find the other day–it with crackers will be the appetizer plus who knows what else.  Now, off to untangle Rosie’s mane and feed her alfalfa before I take a quick trip to the grocery.

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