Besame Mucho

Since I heard Besame Mucho twice in one night eight days ago, I cannot get this song out of my head.  First, a young opera singer sang it in a passionate, operatic style and later Trio Ellas sang it light heartedly.  Both sounded fine; not sure I even have a preference.  I translated for the young man I took with me, my grandson’s older brother who is Hispanic.  Students and parents in the United States seem to often ask why they need to know anything but English.  Once when I informed my students that Spanish was spoken here where we live before English and native languages before that, one student seemed shocked.  Guess he thought the natives spoke English before the English even arrived here.  He probably didn’t even think.  Thinking has become a lost art.

Here is a list of singers whose version of Besame Mucho you can find online.  I just listened to all of them; yes, it took a while.  Now what I want is a part-time boyfriend who likes to dance.

Andrea Bocelli

Pedro Infante

Consuelo Velasquez

Julio Iglesias

Julie Zorilla

Arturo Fuerte

Tino Rossi

Placido Domingo

Cesaria Evora

Il Divo

Yolanda Sanchez


Oh, and by the way, Besame Mucho means kiss me a lot.


3 thoughts on “Besame Mucho

  1. The Beatles also did a version of it during their early Hamburg days. It appears on their “Anthology I” CD, as well as on a rarer compilation of theirs called “Raw Energy.”

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