A New Day

Guessing today’s post will be written in pieces.  It is now 11:55 in the morning and this is at least a start.  Yesterday, a friend posted this on Facebook.  Its message appealed to me so much that I downloaded it because I wanted to post it here:




A lot of young people and even older ones seem to struggle to discover who they are, what they stand for, their life’s purpose or even if they have one.  Not me.  Somehow, in spite of struggles as to the best way to express it, I always knew. In some ways, I think I owe this knowledge to my parents who always accepted and encouraged ME to be ME.  In fact, my current work relates closely to what I said I wanted to be when I was in high school:  a college professor, actually a philosophy professor.  I teach high school now.  Yes, about my third career or maybe even fourth, but my first real one was a college administrator.  When I received my BA in English first in my class, my professors tried to talk me into going to grad school in literature.  At that time, English professors were the proverbial a dime a dozen so I went to grad school and studied higher education administration.  Later, I almost went to law school–was accepted at several good ones, but grad school gave me money so I did that.  If I had to do it over?  I would go to law school.  I would have made a great kick butt lawyer because I don’t give a damn what people think except for one thing.  I do not want others to think I’m stupid, but that never occurs so I need not worry.  Regardless, I feel happy with my life and my work, really happy.

12:25 am Guess it is technically tomorrow.  About fifteen minutes ago, I returned home from a party at the house of my friend from Ethiopia.  Guests included many Ethiopians and also a number of people born here and lots of Ethiopian food.  Since I am going there in less than a month, I will then be providing more reports on food, including my experiences in learning how to make some of it.

I had to run in the rain to get to my vehicle when I left their house.  Running in the rain is not a common experience here.  Weather has gone from drought to day after day of rain.  Apparently, a part of my house thinks it is too much because I found a small lake in part of my bedroom when I returned home.  Therefore, instead of hopping into bed, I have been mopping up water.  Now I am waiting on five bath towels to go through the spin cycle so I can mop some more.  Repairmen are going to have fun trying to locate the leak.  My guess is it not where one might think.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.

Mop time.