Old Barns and Blogging 101

Previously I mentioned that I decided to try WordPress’ class to see if I could discover something new, broaden my horizons, play, explore.  In completing assignment for day eight, I found a blog with a photo of an old barn.  Old buildings fascinate me, lead to daydreaming.  Who lived or worked there, how old is it, why did they abandon, move on?  Several miles down the road from where I live stands an unusually large, faded, red brick barn.  On the edge an even taller, circular silo stands.  Part of the roof is falling in, a few trees shade the east side.  I used to drive by this barn every day, twice a day.  Still when I drive by, I think what a unique restaurant or house it would make.  Meanwhile, slowly it deteriorates; I feel sad.

While writing this and looking at the photo mentioned above, I remembered the old carriage house where I grew up.  It stands, the only building remaining where my father was born and lived until he reached the age of ten.  I still own the farm; the young man who farms it cannot bear to tear the building down.  When I was there 2 1/2 years ago, it housed a piece of farm equipment.  I remember large elm trees and the hollyhocks growing next to it, making hollyhock dolls as a child. Who will remember when it is gone?