Wedding time in Dallas

Today I drove down to Dallas with my daughter and grandson for the wedding of a dear friend’s son–well, actually he is a dear friend as well.  We have known him since he was a little  red headed kid and my daughter was a teenager.  We are at the Palomar Hotel across from Southern Methodist University.  We arrived around one and checked in early.  They brought my grandson a tall vase with multicolored crystal balls in the bottom and a pale coral goldfish swimming happily around.   Next, we headed across the street for lunch and a bit of shopping.  Lunch was lovely, sitting outside under the biggest group of wisteria vines I have ever seen. Although most of the shops were familiar ones from home, we found a West Elm and several other stores we had never seen before.

The rest of this post will have to wait until after the wedding.  At the moment I am disgusted with myself for not bringing a camera.  Maybe I can talk my grandson into taking his iPAD  mini to take photos but I rather doubt.  The wedding is at 7 maybe ten minutes down Mockingbird Lane in Highland Park, an older, elegant, exclusive area filled with big trees.


Five hours later:  Found the church but goofed and went in the back entrance.  A security guard escorted us through the maze to the chapel.  It was fun to see people I had not seen in years!!!  The service was simple and both funny and serious.  A few weeks ago, the pastor had asked the couple to write down the things they loved about each other.  To their surprise he read those things today.  When she heard them, my daughter both laughed and cried.  After the ceremony we drove to Aldridge House, an older mansion in an area of tree lined streets and mansions.  Instead of signing the usual guest registry, everyone was asked to sign one of the five bottles of unopened champagne.  On each of the next five anniversaries, the couple will open one of them.  Limitedless appetizers, wine, beer, infused water, roasted vegetables, beef and chicken–I lost tract of all the food options.  And, of course, finally wedding cake.

Now we are back at the hotel, relaxing, and settling in for the evening.  There is nothing quite like a happy wedding celebration.