Haiku Adventure–Part Two

After receiving positive feedback on the following three poems, I learned that two of them cannot be haiku.  Why?  They instruct, give directions.  Such teaching is forbidden in haiku.  Regardless, I decided to post them anyway.  At least the Meditations will illustrate what not to do if you want to write real haiku.



shut your eyes, be still

listen to the wind, rain, thunder

shut your eyes, be still



open your eyes, be still

watch coyote and bobcat climb

open yours eyes, be still


There are several other reasons why these two poems cannot be haiku–more than one image and a contrasting image in a single poem–forbidden.  I knew there must be some reason I had never previously seriously attempted haiku.  Too many rules.


This one, however, meets modern haiku standards or so I have been told.  I will eventually get this.  Learning, challenging oneself, remains a positive experience.



big dipper illuminates

clouds race

darkness suddenly descends